What You Order on Alibaba Vs. What You Acutally Get

Ordered on Alibaba vs. Actually Got

Disclaimer: This is a helpful reminder to do your research before you buy. ** Have you experienced this?** Buyer beware! Crazy thing is these two images were used for the same product description on Alibaba! Clearly they just used a beautiful Influencer’s photo from IG (which is done all the time)and a real pic of what they have in stock. So they told on themselves. But please beware whether you are buying “Virgin” human hair or braided wigs, many of these companies (on that site) do not sell you what they promised. And it’s actually a good thing these factories can’t braid 🤣 because we need to leave that up to beautiful African braiders (in Nigeria & America) and give them our coins. That’s what we are bringing to you *realafricanbraids* #myhairgold @myhairgold

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