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Our Pre-Growth Oil is essential for nourishing and rejuvenating your scalp to get it ready for hair growth!

Scalp Gold is a natural scalp treatment and hair growth oil for reducing hair breakage, hair loss and hair shedding resulting from unhealthy scalp and hair conditions. Scalp Gold is loaded with natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen hair roots. The active ingredients in Scalp Gold improve blood circulation to the scalp and remove harmful toxins from the scalp tissue that undermine scalp and hair health.

Key Ingredients

100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

Our JBCO is 100% natural, organic and pure as it contains no additives, is obtained from naturally grown, non-genetically modified plants and extracted through a non-chemical process. Extracted from the highest quality bean-seeds of Jamaican Castor plant (Ricinus communis), our 100% raw JBCO contains active ingredients that alleviate scalp infections, prevent hair loss and hair breakage. The extraction process of JBCO involves roasting, pounding and boiling of the bean-seeds which ensures JBCO is stable against rancidity and preserves potency of active ingredients. Using top quality bean-seeds and hand processing for extraction make our JBCO best quality, original and virgin.

JBCO is rich in fatty acids with Ricinoleic Acid (RA), its main active ingredient, making up 90% of the fatty acids. RA is a monounsaturated fatty acid containing an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and a hydroxy acid. Due to its high content of RA, JBCO maintains extremely high viscosity (remaining syrupy) at very high and low temperatures which allows flexible storage conditions and promotes longer shelf life. The viscous nature of JBCO makes it a natural humectant as it locks in and retains moisture by preventing water loss from scalp skin and hair. As a humectant, JBCO moisturizes dry, itchy, scaly scalp skin to reduce appearance of rashes, inflammations, infections and dandruff. As a natural conditioner, JBCO softens dry, brittle hair and detangles hair to ease comb-out, while reducing split-ends and hair breakages. High porosity hairs that quickly dry out and shrink immediately after shower benefit from the moisture-sealing effect of JBCO to remain wet and stretched long after shower. Low porosity hairs that repel moisture and resist hair treatment formulas are softened by JBCO to absorb moisture and hair formulas. JBCO as a humectant improves the moisture content of all hair types to provide hair lubrication and prevent friction as an antistatic. RA reduces hair loss by promoting hair growth and strengthening hair roots by stimulating increased blood circulation, oxygen flow and nutrients’ supply to scalp. The natural extraction process of JBCO does not degrade the active ingredients, instead the process preserves their efficacy and effectiveness. This enhances the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of JBCO in relieving scalp infections, dandruff and eczema. JBCO contains natural antioxidants that reduce free radical-induced damage to hair keratin which enhances stronger, fuller, smoother, longer and glossier hair.    

Garlic and Onion Oils

Garlic and Onion Oils contain essential micronutrients that nourish the scalp and hair, and promote hair growth and scalp health. This oil mix contains Sulfur and Vitamin C.

High content of sulfur in both oils assures rich supply of sulfur for scalp treatment and hair growth. Sulfur helps to fight scalp infections caused by bacteria or fungi and alleviate hair loss associated with these infections. The sulfur-rich Onion and Garlic Oils replenish the sulfur content of keratin, the major hair protein, to keep the hair healthy, lustrous, strong and elastic. This reduces the appearance of brittle, dull, weak hairs that are easily broken or pluckable. Sulfur promotes collagen production which contributes to regeneration of scalp skin and hair.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that mops up free radicals that are known to damage scalp tissue and hair roots. Free radical tissue damage is associated with premature aging of scalp and hair which results in thinning of scalp tissue, hair greying, hair fall and bald patches. Vitamin C plays an all-important role in growth, development and repair of connective tissues in the scalp and hair structure which support healthy scalp and hair regrowth. 

Regular use of Garlic and Onion Oils alleviates scalp inflammation, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Some compounds in the oil mix help to stimulate the production of connective tissues in the scalp which strengthens hair follicles for increased hair growth, while other compounds block the action of a hormone (testosterone) that facilitates hair loss in men and women. The oils nourish the scalp and hair roots by stimulating increased supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen which supports development of thick, full, shiny and strong hair.


As a natural antioxidant, Vitamin E helps to eliminate toxic free radicals from the body. Topical and regular application of Black Gold ensures steady supply of Vitamin E to the scalp and hair. Vitamin E reduces damage to scalp and hair cells, improves regeneration of scalp cells and promotes hair growth. Vitamin E is effective in restoring hairs damaged by heat, chemicals or styling products and in improving hair regrowth in hair loss.


Biotin is also called Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. Its deficiency can cause hair thinning, hair loss, abnormal skin changes or brittle nails. Biotin functions biologically as a coenzyme as it interacts with many bioactive molecules (enzymes) to facilitate energy metabolism; cellular division, growth and maturation. Topical and regular application of Biotin improves scalp and hair quality through increased connective tissue production that maintains structural integrity of scalp and hair. With consistent application, Biotin helps to keep the scalp healthy; hair stronger, fuller, longer, thicker and shinier.


Niacin, commonly known as Vitamin B3, is a proven natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are protective bioactive molecules that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable and highly reactive biochemical substances known to cause tissue damage. Topical application of Niacin helps to prevent premature ageing of scalp, greying of hair and hair damage which lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Niacin promotes hair growth and scalp health by improving blood circulation, delivery of oxygen and nutrients to scalp and hair follicles. By stimulating increased blood circulation, Niacin aids removal of toxic waste products that can cause scalp and hair damage. Other benefits of Niacin use include helping to achieve full, thick hair in people with alopecia; improve moisture balance of scalp and hair; maintain stronger and more elastic hair; alleviate scalp inflammations; repair scalp and hair damage caused by UV rays of sun, regulate sebum (oil) production and secretion by sebaceous glands of scalp skin.  

Since Zinc is an essential nutrient, the body derives Zinc from only dietary sources as the body can neither make nor store it. People deficient in Zinc are known to experience lifeless hair locks and hair loss. Topical application on scalp and hair is an important route for direct delivery of Zinc to prevent these deficiency-related abnormal hair changes. Topical and regular application of Zinc supports repair of hair tissue and hair growth, and promotes proper function of sebaceous glands in scalp skin. Zinc promotes overall scalp and hair health as it alleviates infections and inflammations of scalp skin such as dermatitis, psoriasis and acne.

 Capsicum Frutescens is a type of red pepper. Capsaicin, a key component of this pepper, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss by initiating metabolic processes that push more blood, oxygen and nutrients to scalp and hair follicles. As a natural healing phytochemical, Capsaicin is a botanical alternative to synthetic chemicals in treating psoriasis of scalp skin. In psoriasis, skin cells multiply rapidly and build up to form dry, scaly, itchy skin patches. The natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Capsicum Frutescens help to alleviate scalp skin conditions (infections, rashes) and soothe associated pain and itches.  

How To Use

Apply a small drop to affected areas. Massage in thoroughly. For best results use twice daily, morning and night. Discontinue Use if irritation occurs. These statements have not been tested by the FDA.

Scalp Gold: Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Garlic and Onion Oils, Vitamin E, Sulfur, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, Capsicum Frutescens, Amla Oil.
Scalp Gold - MyHairGold
Scalp Gold - MyHairGold
Scalp Gold - MyHairGold
Scalp Gold - MyHairGold

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