Meet Mama Gold


Someone called me "Mama Gold" on Instagram and I loved it, so I'm keeping it. Hi I'm Mama Gold, real name Olunife Ofomata (formerly Adeyemi). I know that's a mouth-full. My friends and family call me Nife, which no, is not pronounced like knife. The easiest way for most people to pronounce it is NeeFee with two long E's,and I actually like that. If you know how to really pronounce my name, then sorry you had to read all of this:) Wait, they say women in business need to stop saying sorry. Ok sorry not sorry. :) 

I'm what you can call a "lazy natural" (working on doing better). I've been growing out my natural hair for the three and a half years. Sometimes I actually work at it to take care of it and sometimes I don't. I needed a way to rock a natural looking hairstyle and some of my favorite looks without spending hours doing it or in between my stylist appointments. I also wanted diversity with looks that flatter my style. I found that a lot of my friends wanted that too. We also want to rock different hairstyles we can switch out without taking forever to take out or damaging our hair. Flexibility, Diversity and Luxury Hair. That's why I created MyHairGold. To offer you a custom wig experience that is unmatched and that you can easily wear as a protective style. It's the answer to my hairstyle prayers, and I believe MyHairGold will answer yours too. 

Here's my third person, "official" bio. Since you came this far, you might as well read the rest. Thanks love. Shop around and enjoy. 

Olunife Ofomata, is the founder of MyHairGold. She resides in Scottsdale, AZ and is a dual citizen of both USA and Nigeria.

Olunife began her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist working in NYC during fashion weeks. Her work has been featured in top magazines such as Urban Latino and CosmoGirl. While doing photo shoots, Olunife frequently was the makeup artist and hairstylist on the shoot. She learned to love both hair and makeup (and skin care), and pursued a career in makeup creating a custom blend foundation line for her clients under the name, myBeautyGold. 

She has also spearheaded the styling and makeup teams of other fashion shows, including Scottsdale Fashion Week and Phoenix Fashion Week. Olunife has a master of arts in multimedia communications and is looking forward to bringing you more engaging, educational and inspirational content. 

Olunife is committed to the spiritual, economic, educational and personal growth of all people;  including women and men of color in the United States, around the world and her birth country of Nigeria. Olunife aspires to be a representative of Jesus Christ on Earth.