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Before I launched my own business, I was helping other small business owners successfully launch and improve theirs. I did this while working for the city I lived in by teaching classes hosted at our public libraries and holding one-on-ones with business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. My topics of expertise included branding, research and development, digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, target marketing, email marketing, retail and online sales, website design, public relations, video production and editing, graphic design, copy writing and blogging for business just to name a few! I obtained a master of arts in multimedia communications then taught in the communication department of a local university before teaching for my city. I'm looking forward to sharing everything I've learned with you! 


Although I primarily love working with businesses in the beauty, hair, lifestyle and media industries most of my content can help any business owner. And I'm going to be providing all of this for free with free weekly sessions. For those that want more exclusive help, then you'll have the option of booking some time with me as well. 


Finally since I am in the hair business, I can also help you source your hair, offer wholesale pricing for wigs, wefts and braided wigs and help you with branding and marketing your content! Email me at if you want to discuss wholesale or branding/marketing help. 

I'm looking forward to helping you too!